Do I need to take 30 pills a day to live a healthier life? Which diet is the secret for being healthy? How many calories do I need each day and what should they come from?

Any article you come across that tells you they have the secret for a universal healthy human body is giving you incorrect information. Much like our hobbies and desires there is no one-size-fits-all program that will work for everyone. I’ve found several supplements that help me, but remember each person is different and requires different things to make them more productive.

I think that the word healthy is commonly misconstrued or misunderstood in modern use. We use healthy as a blanket term and frequently ask, “is that healthy?” We should be asking what are the benefits of eating this food, and what are its drawbacks. To label something healthy is only telling half the truth of the item. For example, nearly all Americans would consider an apple to be healthy, but what about the excess sugar in it? If we were to eat 8 apples a day, we would likely be intaking far too much sugar, especially if we’re also eating other sugary foods.

To truly understand what it means to be healthy and what supplements we need, we must look at things on an individual basis. Though an apple is healthy, we need to find a balanced diet. I recommend tracking calories, and uncovering where the bulk of them are being attained from. There are numerous apps that you can use on your phone to track what you’re eating and discover what you need to supplement to get a balanced daily dose, but remember, each person is different and requires different percentages. Find what works for you instead of listening to all the nonsense!

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