One of the biggest question people ask me is how I’m able to accomplish so much at work. While they struggle through difficult days and require a 5-hour energy or multiple coffee breaks to complete their work, I’m able to finish with flying colors.

Something I think that people massively overlook is how big an impact stretching, diet, and overall fitness makes on daily life. Simple tasks that take minutes a day to complete can combine to create a massive impact.

It’s crazy to believe but in just 20 minutes you can change your life permanently, and increase your productivity by at least double just by taking a few simple steps that don’t even change your lifestyle.

Step 1 – Stretch every morning.

When you get out of bed the last thing you’ll want to do right now is stretch, I bet you groggily step into the shower and dread the day’s activities. After just a week of stretching though, you’ll look forward to your morning because you have time to unwind and begin the day off right. You’ll have less body aches, and be able to sit at your desk without pain. You can even take your trip outside and enjoy nature with some fresh air each morning.

Step 2 – Take a walk on the weekend

It’s Saturday morning, you’ve slept in and are enjoying a much deserved day off. After doing your daily stretches leisurely make time to go on a walk. It doesn’t have to be a 10-mile hike, just go for a lap or two around the neighborhood and get some fresh air. The key here is consistency, not difficulty. By consistently taking walks over the weekend your body will begin to become more accustomed to working out and won’t feel like you’ve ran a marathon after your car breaks down and you have to take the bus to work. The body craves routine, and by teaching it that walking is a pleasurable pastime, rather than a painful chore, you’re well on your way to a healthy body and mind.

Step 3 – Make healthier choices

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Oh no another blog telling me that gluten, or milk, or meat will be the death of me!” But that’s not the case! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be some massive overhaul in your diet and your transformation into an organic-loving hipster. You can do the simple things such as ordering water at a restaurant, or passing on a morning donut and having oatmeal instead. Eating healthy can be the easiest thing, and the payoff will be enormous!

These are my three secrets that help me to be the best person I can be, whether I’m fulfilling work obligations or enjoying time with my kids. I’ve found that it’s not the major things that make the difference, it’s the little things done daily that combine to create a productive lifestyle.

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