Habits like drinking alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco and taking narcotic substances are harmful for the health and can cause serious damage to our organs. What is more, all these substances are addictive, which means that once a person gets into the habit of taking them, it becomes very, difficult to stop as the body becomes dependent on them. Individuals may end up needing help for their addiction, whether it be inpatient treatment, one-on-one therapy, or a support group like twelve-step. There are many great options out there for quality addiction treatment, from holistic facilities like our favorite Ventura rehab to more traditional twelve-step programs like AA or NA.


Alcohol beverages, such as whisky and rum, are harmful when taken in excess. The organ worst affected by long -term use of alcohol I the liver. Many alcoholics die of a condition called liver cirrhosis, in which the liver gets so badly damaged that it can no longer perform its basic functions. Alcohol harms the kidneys and heart as well.

The immediate effects of alcohol on the body include lack of neuromuscular coordination, resulting in unclear speech, impaired vision, slow response, unsteady walk, and so on. Alcoholics are commonly involved in accidents. A person under the influence of liquor also loses his sense of judgment and natural inhibitions. This, together with distortions in perception, often lead to violent behavior, and inability to work and lead a normal family and s life.

Addiction to alcohol is actually a kind of disease, and alcoholics need help to break the addiction. Many start leading normal lives after going through rehabilitation, sometimes after a serious struggle with addiction.

Smoking TobaccoTobacco

Tobacco may be chewed or inhaled. Tobacco leaves contain nicotine, an addictive substance which is extremely harmful for the body. Tobacco smoke contains poisonous gases, like carbon monoxide, as well as tar and hundreds of harmful chemicals. Chewing tobacco may lead to cancer o the mouth and throat, while smoking also causes chronic bronchitis, lowers resistance to infection of the respiratory tract and destroy the lungs. It increases the blood pressure and can aggravate or cause coronary heart disease. It is also known to harm the development of the fetus in the case of pregnant women. Besides, the smoke exhaled by smokers damages the lungs of others who are forced to inhale the smoke indirectly.

Narcotic Substances

Commonly referred to as drugs, these include cocaine, morphine, heroin, amphetamines, marijuana, and LSD. The medicines we take to treat illnesses are also called drugs, but they are prescribed in certain doses and are meant to improve the health. Some narcotic substances too are used in specific doses for medical purpose, but here, we are referring to drug abuse, or addiction to drugs for the sake of pleasure.

Narcotic substances affect the way the brain works and create temporary feelings of elation, excitement, tranquility or numbness. Some give rise to hallucinations. However, this world of false perceptions takes people further and further away from reality. They gradually become isolated from the normal world and constantly seek to escape it through drugs.

Besides causing psychological damage, narcotic substances cause serious damage to the nervous system. They can affect the functioning o the heart, often leading to a heart attack. A person may not know when he is taking an overdose, and can get into a coma or die as a result. People who inject drugs often share needles with others, a habit which can spread AIDS.

Addicts can be admitted to rehabilitation centers where they are weaned off drugs under medical and psychological supervision.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy habits, like lack of exercise, eating and sleeping at irregular hours, lack of personal hygiene, drinking too much tea or coffee and having fast food as a habit, are harmful for the health. Fast food and food that is oily, deep fried or too spicy can lead to digestive problems and obesity, which is the cause of many diseases.

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