Hi my name is Brian and I’m a recovering drug addict. I am writing this article to share my experience strength and hope with others who are suffering with the disease of addiction. If you or somebody you know is struggling with addiction, know that you’re not alone. There are twelve-step programs, support groups, state-funded treatment centers, and many places to help. I’ve tried online psychics like The Online Medium, tarot readers, and all kinds of things to get sober.

First I want to say the reason I started using was apparent long before I ever picked up that first Drug. My childhood was very average I come from a loving family with no history of abuse or neglectl like you hear in so many other addicts story’s. Thats just not my story. The reason I started using is because for some reason I just always felt different. I never felt I fit in to whatever group of people I Was around. I later found out that I suffer from low self esteem and thats the reason I really used drugs. To feel accepted and feel like I was a part of something.

My first experience with drugs is when I was 13 years old. I was away for the summer at my family’s summer home in the mountains. I was hanging out with a group of guys who first introduced me to Alcohol. I never really liked alcohol it wasn’t for me. During this summer I was attending summer camp With the group of guys I was hanging with. At that summer camp I found out one of the camp counselors was selling Marijuana. Me and a few of the other guys bought a $20 bag and from that moment on I was in love. When I came back home to Florida after summer camp was over I started to hang out with a whole new crowd the so called “stoners”. I was smoking pot every day but I was still doing OK in school. At this time I was also a swimmer. I started swimming in high school and my freshman and sophomore year I was a state championship qualifying swimmer. These were great accomplishments for me.

At the beginning of my junior year in high school I tore my rotator cuff and my swimming season came to a halt. The doctors said I would need a lot of rehab after my surgery but said I would be able to swim again. They also prescribed me a pain pill called oxycottin, I fell in love all over again this time with a much stronger and more addictive drug. I was prescribed 30 Pills a month, I was taking 30 every 2 days and had the doctors convinced I was still in pain for a full year after my surgery. Eventually they caught on and refused to prescribe them to me. I started to go threw withdrawal. By this time I hit the streets searching for more pills, this was right around the time oxycottins became popular. They were not hard to find but they cost a lot of money. In order to maintain my habit I started to steal jewelry from my parents to pawn and started to write bad checks to grocery stores for cash. I wrote a total of $15,000 in bad checks over a 3 month period. Then my parents started to notice the jewelery missing. The stolen Jewelery and bad checks caught up with me at the same time. Shortly after that stuff had caught up with me I was on my way to the pawn shop to pawn my TV. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital. I was told I overdosed in my car and was found pulled over in an empty parking lot. On my way out of the hospital the police arrested me and charged me with a DUI. I had finally admitted to myself I had hit bottom.in order to take the first step towards recovery you must hit your own bottom and admit to yourself you have a problem. Other people telling you that you have a problem and that your life is out of control will do you no good. You have to reach that conclusion for yourself.

So shortly after I got out of jail for the DUI I checked myself into a 28 day rehab facility.The rehab taught me many things the most important thing they did for me was introduced me to a 12 step fellowship, I wont get into what fellowship that is in order to protect there anonymity. The rehab also taught me that I needed to stay away from my old friends who used drugs and I needed to make new friends. They taught me to believe in a higher power of my own understanding today I choose to call that higher power God. This is very important because no matter where I go I wouldn’t be alone.Once I got out of rehab I started to attend 12 step meetings on a regular basis. Not only did I attendthe meetings I became involved, I helped make coffee and eventually they trusted me with the keys of the church so I could unlock the church before the meetings. Today I bring a 12 step meeting into the rehab I was once in to give back what was given to me. To help other addicts is very important to me I was taught I can only keep what I have by giving it away.

This article is just a brief introduction of me.I plan to keep writing articles in the future about how to stay clean. I hope this story reaches someone out there that can relate a little to me. Thank your for letting me share my experience strength and hopewith you.

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