If you are someone who is fighting the bane that is insomnia, you might have taken sleeping pills once in a while. Who does not want a peaceful good night sleep? Everyone does. But taking sleeping pills regularly might have more negative effects than you think. Have you ever asked yourself if you can get addicted to sleeping pills? If you have, then the answer is definitely yes. Even if you have prescribed pills for sleeping, there is still a chance of you getting addicted to it. This gets evident if you are someone who is taking pills for more than one or two weeks on a regular basis. You might also show some signs of addiction to it and it might show as a few symptoms. If you try to stop, you might also show some signs of withdrawal. You can find detoxification services like those at https://treatmentdc.com/detox/ to help you come off the drugs safely.

sleepAny sorts of sleeping pill can be addicting to a certain degree. Sleeping pills are designed to work for a short period of time, mostly in cases of short term insomnia or anxiety issues. This period might be two to three days. But once someone starts taking these pills for a week straight, it might get nasty. There are different kinds of sleeping medication and they are designed to work differently even though all of them have the potential to be addictive and harmful for the body.  

  • Benzodiazepines: This medication can be great at curing insomnia but if the patient is addicted, there is a nasty withdrawal and the effect can last well over a few years.
  • Barbiturates: These are sedatives which have hypnotic properties and it can cause bodily and mental dependence on the medication.
  • Antidepressants: Even though these are not directly considered as sleeping medication, these have very similar properties and taking them on a long term can have similar effect to other sleeping medication with the symptoms of fatigue, depression, anxiety and other long term withdrawal effects.

Sleeping pills might work like a charm but it can also have devastating negative effects on the mind and the body. It can cause parasomnias. Parasomnia is the state of activity where you do not get to control your body. Sleepwalking, eating, calling, talking in sleep is part of parasomnia. Sleeping pills also make you drowsy when you should not be and puts your body into fatigue.

Another adverse side and the scary part of the addiction of sleeping pills is the withdrawal. The withdrawal might vary from user to user and it is dependent on a lot of variables. The symptoms show up within a few hours and can last throughout the week or even a month. When withdrawal kicks in, the body goes to a fatigued and confused state, causes memory loss and mood swings. Hallucinations and paranoia is also commonly noticed. Over the week, craving for the pills show up. Excessive sweating, anxiety and extreme need for the pills are shown in the patient. Thus proving, sleeping pills are indeed addictive.

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